Leadership Excellence

Unlock the true potential of your leaders.


We help leaders and teams develop focused and actionable strategies that create
exceptional results through people.

Strategy Facilitation

Our high impact, dynamic facilitation process and skills ensure leadership team alignment on:


Why do we exist?


Where are we headed?


What do we care most about?


How should we behave?

Assessment and Coaching

We help leaders gain self-awareness through the use of the most validated and predictive assessments on the market.  Our coaching engagements clarify goals, optimize each leader’s unique potential, help achieve development objectives and elevate team performance.

Hogan Personality Assessments

Hogan’s leadership assessments give leaders a clear understanding of their performance capabilities, challenges, and core motivators and provide the strategic self-awareness critical to great leadership.

The Leadership Circle 360

Three tools in one: Most 360° profiles focus on either Management Style/Personality, Competencies, or Underlying Tendencies. The Leadership Circle Profile combines all three into one comprehensive, accessible tool.

The Leadership Circle Culture Assessment

See the whole picture of your organization’s leadership culture. Discover a compelling rationale for change and get a thorough and valid assessment of your team or organizational culture, both current and desired.

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Other Assessment Tools

We are certified and experienced in many other assessments including Myers Briggs, DISC and Predictive Index and can readily leverage the tools you are currently using.

Results: Leadership Excellence

For a fast growing PEO organization facing gaps in leadership bench strength, created and implemented a leadership development program for high potentials.  As a result, this critical talent rapidly developed their competencies and skills, enabling smooth succession to top leadership roles in this changing organization.

For a $200M lighting manufacturer, facilitated business strategy articulation to address industry wide technology changes; engaged employee-led teams that developed operational plans and successfully implemented the new strategy, achieving improved business results.

For the CEO of a fast-growing, regional consulting firm looking to pull herself out of day-to-day operations, grow her strategic acumen and develop other leaders, conducted 360 assessments and coaching.  Results: Client 1) created the ideal structure and identified internal high potential talent; 2) developed coaching skills to grow the new leaders and removed herself from the day-to-day; 3) identified and executed strategies to grow the business by building on strengths that had created early success.